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Commissioner's Key

Commissioner's Key

Training Present

Application by Scouter to the Council Training Committee

General Information:

The Commissioner's Key Award is to recognize Commissioners who have met all the training requirements for their position. This award is generally called the Scouter's key and may be earned by Commissioners (Called Commissioner Key), Scoutmaster's (Scoutmaster's Key), Varsity Scoutmaster (Varsity Key), Venturing Advisor (Venturing Key) and Sea Scout Skippers (Skipper's Key). The medal and square knot are the same, only the device changes to signify the position in Scouting.

The award is made available when all the requirements are met.

  1. Complete the three session training program outlined in the commissioner basic training manual No. 33613A.; "Why Commissioners?", First Visitation, "Units:
  2. The Commissioner's Greatest Priority", Second visitation, Third
    visitation and "How to Help a Unit".
  3. Complete personal coaching orientation including orientation projects.
  1. Complete 3 years as a registered commissioner within a 5-year period.
  1. Earn the Arrowhead Honor Award.

The applicant must submit a completed Scouter's Key record to the Council Training Committee.

Knot Green and White knot on tan. (No. 05006) Worn with Green to wearer's right
Medal Green ribbon with broad white stripe, pendant (No. 00924)
Device Commissioner (No. 00929) The miniature device is added to the knot and medal to identify the program the award was earned. If more than one Key is earned, only one medal or knot may be worn, add the respective miniature devices to the knot or medal to identify the additional programs the awards were earned.



Commissioner's Key record.

Revised Date:

1999 Commissioner Fieldbook for Unit Service